Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Everyone Ought to Know About the Vegetarian Option

I've always loved fruits and vegetables, but when it came to what should be on my dinner plate, it didn't look complete without a serving of meat.  The vegetarian option at a restaurant menu was off-limits, only for those strange vegetarian-types.  It wasn't something I would give two seconds of consideration, basically I felt like it would be a rip-off.  Now through my food journey to becoming plant-based, my first consideration is what is vegetarian on the menu.  And I've learned something interesting.

The vegetarian option is not weird!  It is often way more creative and delicious than the meat options.  I feel so silly about being afraid of considering the vegetarian choices and sad that I've missed out on new a creative dishes because getting chicken was my go-to.

So my message to you is check out the vegetarian option, give it the same amount of thought as the chicken sandwich or the steak fajitas.  You don't always have to order it, but at least let it sink into your brain as an option.  I found out that I love lentils, that falafel is amazing on a burrito, and portobello mushroom sandwiches are super delicious.  Choosing the vegetarian option has actually made me a more adventurous eater.  Eliminating meat doesn't limit you, it can actually set you free to try new things.

Next time you open a menu make sure that meatless is not off limits.  You make find a new favorite food.

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