Friday, March 7, 2014

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Illustrations

What have I been doing this semester?!  Cooking for one, getting my butt kicked by project research is another, but my fun project has been illustrating nonhuman primates for the Biologic Resources Laboratory at UIC for a textbook called The Laboratory Nonhuman Primates, Second Edition.  I got to work with dream clients who loved what I did and really took all my suggestions to heart.  I never got to see any monkeys in person, but I got lovely reference photos from the clients and of course Google image searches always help as well.  Some of the illustrations I redid from the first edition of the book and that illustrator really liked to visualize hairy, ugly monkeys.  I made my monkeys as cute and simple as possible, not scarily over hairy!

Stomach Aspiration

Suboccipital Puncture and Spinal Cord Layers Callout

Correct Manual Restraint Position

Correct Tube Restraint Position

Tether System Showing the "Swivel"

Ultrasound Guided Amniocentsis
I thoroughly enjoyed this project and can't wait to find some more freelance jobs.  I updated my portfolio website:

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