Monday, October 14, 2013

Cooking Up a Storm!

Chickpea tenders
 I've been in the kitchen making a lot of tasty treats lately, and I thought I'd share.  I've been working my way through Lindsay Nixon's cookbook Everyday Happy Herbivore.  I was excited to make the chickpea tenders because I've been missing chicken strips.  In my free-eating undergrad years I ate lots of spicy chicken strips at the MU, yum.  So I thought, maybe a bit too optimistically, that these would replace that need.  They weren't bad so much as really, really did not meet my expectations.  I got to use my new package of vital wheat gluten and well as nutritional yeast, so that's fun.  But unless I find it makes an epic sandwich, I'll just stick to eating chickpeas in other ways.

Banana bread
 I was too excited with my pumpkin bread (shown below) to let it rest a couple days to let the pumpkin-y flavor to really come out.  I finished the last piece the day it actually was really tasty.  So with the banana bread I'm trying to not let that happen.  I haven't actually tried it yet because I'm waiting!!!

French toast muffins
 I got to use my new garbanzo bean flour for these muffins.  I think they should be named just cinnamon muffins.  I like their texture, but I think it needs another ingredient.  I'm not sure if it needs some chocolate chips or blueberries but it needs something to make it really pop.  Maybe some kind of frosting, hmmmm.

Mexican chowder
The best thing I've made this semester!  Well, I can't be 100% in making that commitment but it's delicious.  I can't wait to eat more of it.  The nutritional yeast flavor works for me in this.  I've been craving a bit more spiciness in my diet.  I made a southwestern salad for lunch today, too.

Pumpkin bread
Deliciously moist, ate it a time short enough that it's embarrassing, haha.

Pumpkin raisin oatmeal cookies
 These were great out the oven but then it was raining and humid out.  They became soggier than I wanted them to be.  Maybe I'll leave them in the oven a bit longer next time.

Herbal coffee
I didn't cook this, but I'm very happy with this purchase.  I rarely drink caffeine and am pretty sensitive to it.  My apartment has free coffee every morning, and I was tempted too many time in the summer.  I would cave, drink a bunch of it, feel like I was invincible for an hour, and then crash and get sick.  I love tea, but sometimes I want a stronger flavor in my morning beverage.  This has no caffeine and tastes like coffee to me.  No more temptation by the free coffee!

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