Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Business Identity: A Visual Exploration of Who You Are

I spend a lot of time in my own head, so I have a strong grasp of what makes me tick.  Exploring and representing someone else's identity was a fun way to escape and reinvent.  Working with the Integrative Physiology Lab (IPL) at UIC was a great "real world" experience.  Side note, I believe every aspect of grad school is the "real world," but there is something to be said about presenting to a client that adds an extra bit of motivation to making your design great.

Our graphic design class was asked to create a logo for IPL.  We got a tour of the facility, met people who worked there, and were given their business profile - a very tough form. I'm now filling out a business profile for my own business, so I can attest to how much labor goes into crafting a single sentence to define what you do and why.

IPL did a great job showing how enthusiastic and creative they are in their field.  The inspiration came from the same place, but the members of the class all came up with very unique and differing designs, yet they all completely encompassed IPL.  I love that about design, the "right" answer can be so many different things.  After spending hours combing through scientific literature for pharma and surgical, my brain needs a little freedom.

The progression of my design is fascinating to me, one spark of an idea gets molded to become something truly polished but with so much meaning behind it.  Every line and curve come from something, but can also be interpreted in different ways.  My initial idea came from the shape of a magnifying glass, but our client, Tracy, saw a petri dish.  I loved the duality and it pushed me to choose that as my final design from the three ideas we had initially shown Tracy.

Though my design was not chosen by IPL, I'm still extremely proud of my logo.  I've got a lot of creative energy left from exploring business identity and am currently busy working on a logo for my own business called Visual Vitality.

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