Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Process: Getting From the Beginning to the End Without Losing my Mind

Final Design

The first round of projects being due is upon us (aka me).  Graphic Design was the first in the list.  I always love the graphic projects because they are so methodical.  I enjoy being creative but I also like knowing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and when.  You should see all the stuff I write in my planner!

Creating an icon for a branch of medicine began with picking a branch of medicine of course.  I thought about nutrition, but I felt that Preventive Medicine was more all-encompassing.  I think that though nutrition is great, overall health is so much more.  It's important to take care of your body with exercise, flu shots, vaccines, hand washing, etc. and also your mental health.  Preventive Medicine is about keeping balance in all aspects of health and trying to avoid sickness as much as possible but also healthfully dealing with the sicknesses that do happen.  Also, it's "Preventive Medicine" not "Preventative Medicine" which is what I always said.  An interesting factoid I learned in this project.

Starting Point: Realistic Images

I went with an apple motif to create three different icon ideas.  I was really drawn to the center design.  The calm color scheme and the square shape gave me a feeling of safety and stability.  Though the back brown triangle is supposed to be a fence, it didn't read like a fence.  I still loved the fence idea, keeping you safe in your home.  The family was also too still.  Taking out the fence slats and making the family more active fixed these issues, but it still kept the square shape and color scheme.  I am happy with the end result and look forward to creating a logo for the Integrative Physiology Lab at UIC.  We took a tour of the lab last Wednesday and I'm excited to start coming up with some unique ideas.  It's a bit intimidating to come up with something that's not cheesy or trite. 

Initial Designs
On a different note, this semester has been completely different for me then anything I've experienced before.  I only have class on Wednesday and Friday, so I've got a lot of "free time."  If only it were relaxing; it has given me a new respect for those who are self-employed.  I have to keep a rigorously planned schedule, yet also leave room for flexibility.  Previously, I've scheduled out exactly what I was going to do every hour of the day.  I almost always got 2 or 3 hours behind and never accomplished all that I had dealt out for the day.  Now I schedule my working hours, usually 8 to 4 or 9 to 5.  I then assign classwork to the morning and the afternoon.  My goal is to keep in motion for the 8 hour work day and more often than not, I get what I need to get done, done.  I'm already a month into school, which shows how fast time can fly by and how important it is to get stuff done each day.  But also, I have permission to take guilt free time off.  When I'm done with my 8 hours, I can just be done.  Except for overtime for projects like my surgical illustration piece that will be available in a future post.  I prefer not having overtime, but you gotta do what you gotta do to meet a deadline.  And now I can take a break!

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