Monday, April 8, 2013

Brodel for Spring Break Joy

I'm not a huge Brodel fan, but copying the style was very helpful for some photoshop painting practice.  I have changed my photoshop painting technique to be more like physically drawing on paper.  Less layers and no paths.  I don't like when really hard edges start making things look too geometric.  I want things more mushy and organic.  I still want to find a way to get more texture.  I miss paper texture!

Tom Jones, Tom Jones, it's off to work we go!

This is my colorized Tom Jones illustration.  I've enjoyed working on it and there are still things to polish, but I think I'll feel more enthused after the critique.  After staring at something for awhile, I lose my ability to self-critique.  The Brodel copy was also fun for me, but I need a little time away from the wacom tablet and need to force myself to concentrate on 3ds max, oh joy.  Overall, happy but exhausted.