Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Use for Extra Eggs and Lack of Eggs - Creative Cooking from Audrey's Ovenless Kitchen

Doesn't this pancake look pretty tasty?  But guess what, it contains no eggs!  Pretty much mind-blowing, I know.  The issue with eggs for me is that when I really need one, I'm out, but when I have plenty in stock there "use by" date flies by and I'm throwing out eggs.  So wasteful, bad me.  In the days when I had an oven, I used my extra eggs to make things like cookies, cakes, and peanut butter bars.  Now with stove top being my only option, I was eating too many eggs over easy.  I realized, I wasn't using my eggs to their fullest potential.  Bring in the french toast:

My dad makes the best french toast and with a little advice for him, I made my first batch of egg-using french toast.

Dad's Awesome French Toast

Bread (usually white bread on the dry side)
Pinch of Salt

Crack eggs into a flat bowl, you need to be able to lay a piece of bread flat in it.  I ended up using a small frying pan.  Add around 3 tablespoons of milk for every egg and a pinch of salt.  Use a fork to whisk mixture until thoroughly incorporated and somewhat frothy.

Now heat up a large skillet on medium heat.  Give it a quick spray on non-stick spray.

Take a piece of the bread and quickly dip each side in the egg mixture.  This should only take a couple seconds on each side, don't let it get too soggy but it should be completely coated in the egg mixture.

Then take the coated bread and place in the skillet.  This is where things get a little less exact.  The time that it should be cooked on each side will probably be around a couple minutes, but it's a guess and check experience.  Wait until you get a nice golden brown scattered across the toast.  The more toast you do the better you can feel out the time.

Each egg will make 2-3 pieces of french toast.  I like to make more than I'm eating at one time and refrigerate the extra pieces.  Then in the morning you can microwave a piece for about 30 seconds.  Enjoy with syrup and butter.

See, eggs used up!  Uh-oh, I want pancakes, what do I do??

For the eggless pancake recipe I used this: http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,165,133179-255194,00.html

I'll be honest, they weren't as good as regular pancakes, but with syrup I'm pretty happy.  I used skim milk instead of whole, which could definitely affected things, but I never have whole milk lying around.  I will definitely try using whole wheat flour with these and adding some fruit or chocolate chips.  Yummm!

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