Monday, February 25, 2013

Skinfold Calipers - The Hilarious (and accurate) Way to Measure Your Body Fat

For my next project in illustration techniques, I get the pleasure to work in Adobe Illustrator and draw out a medical process that includes geometric equipment.  So I got on ol' and bought myself a trusty pair of skinfold calipers!  I think it's an innately funny thing to pinch your own fat and measure it within millimeters, but it is also calculates a good tool of measuring your health.

I am well on my way into the research for my research project, which is all about nutrition.  So far I have limited to my study to academic journal papers with verified data, but I am beginning to explore the idea of doing research within diet and fitness books that are for the general public.  It's amazing how little research can back up a book that is a best-seller telling people how to be healthy.  I feel like researching what the public consumes is as important as research that is guaranteed to be done scientifically because it will give me an idea of what myths and ideas are most pervasive.  Diet is such as personal thing, there is no one size fits all.  So even though I want to scoff at the paleo diet craze and going gluten-free and whatever "wheat belly" means, maybe it does work for people.  Creating content for a simple guide to family nutrition is much more complex than I would like it to be.  It becomes so confusing that people give up on being healthy because everything seems to conflict.  But I know that there is a way to get the fat measured in the skinfold calipers to get smaller with a few family changes.  I just have to find it in the mess of nutrition craziness that is out there.

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