Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Semester of Chicago Adventure

On Wednesday I will have completed my first semester of grad school and lived outside of Iowa for the first time.  The number one thing I've gotten out of this semester is perspective.  Learning about city life now will allow me to make better decisions for where I want to live in the future.  I've really enjoyed being 20 minutes away from downtown, there are so many activities available.  This semester I haven't been able to enjoy as many outside of class activities as I would have liked because of anatomy always looming over me.  

I haven't figured out the balance of school and life outside of class.  Not having a car and relying fully on public transportation gives a entirely new understanding of time commitment for commuting.  I lived a 45 minute drive away from my home in undergrad and that felt far.  Now, I'd say it takes about an hour to get anywhere specific in Chicago.  This change always made me weary of going out on weeknights and really weekends as well since I had Saturday morning anatomy reviews and projects to complete.  What I know now, is there is really plenty of time.  As long as I don't put off a project to the bitter end, I don't have to use all my waking hours for school, and I definitely shouldn't for my sanity's sake.

School is important and I've taken a lot of great classes this semester, though a couple classes gave me some frustration because of they were structured, but I've learned as much if not more outside of class.  I'm not a person big on change, every step I'm forced to take outside of my comfort zone is making me stronger for the future.  My career will be a large part of my life, but I also want to have a great life outside of that.  I hope that next semester I will make activities outside of class a priority, as crazy as that sounds for me it's completely necessary.  I don't want to leave Chicago in 2 years and not have completely explored the city.

Some highlights of my adventure so far:

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