Sunday, November 25, 2012

Introduction to Fine Art in the Real World

The reason I'm in medical illustration is because I've always loved making art.  What I don't like is things I don't understand and the gallery art world has always been a box of unknown.  Becoming simply an artist seemed too abstract to go directly towards.  Finding my way to medical illustration has been due to my stubbornness.  I don't want to give up the dream of being an artist and I don't want to give up the dream of becoming a doctor.  Medical illustration should be a perfect fit, but it is lacking the joy of being purely an artist or purely a scientist.  It gets muddied and sloppy, I can't put my finger on exactly why but it has to do with the inability to immerse yourself completely in anything because you have to know so many things.

The gallery I visited:

Seeing a gallery being shown by the owner explaining each artists' process, reasoning, and meaning behind their work takes a little out of the dreaded gallery world mystery.  What I am lacking in fine art that I've gotten from medical illustration is working small rather than huge.  Most things I do art between 24x18 inches and 8.5x11 inches.  I would love to figure out a way to incorporate the skills I've gained from medical illustration into fine art.  Having both a name as an illustrator and a fine artist is something I aspire to have.  I cannot spend my days whittling away at the perfect artery drawing, I need big, bold sweeps of color.  I need emotion in my drawing and painting. 

I love their "Art in Spaces" section on the Moberg website.  I could imagine myself working for large corporations, hospitals, and universities creating commissioned art for a specific place.  I love the idea of touching that many people through my art.  Being able to display something in such a public setting, becoming part of the space itself is very cool.


Nancy Lindsay

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