Thursday, November 15, 2012

Extreme Couponing - Living the Dream

While I was preparing to move to Chicago I began getting nervous.  I worry.  A lot.  So I needed a distraction to keep my mind from making up horrible scenarios that would never happen.  I began watching TLC's Extreme Couponing in marathon sessions.  With a Google search I discovered the many websites catering to those who would like to try out Extreme Couponing where I then found "freebies."  Turns out, I kind of suck at real couponing: I'm impatient and I buy mostly produce and never in bulk.  But what I can do is fill out my address to send me free stuff!

The website I use most often is:  They list freebies you can get with stacking coupons as well as online deals where companies will mail you free stuff.  Now let me tell this "free stuff" is often free but lacking in the "stuff" department.  I signed up to get a free sample of Taylor Swift's perfume, there was an image of a cute little bottle that I thought I would get.  Supposedly an "exclusive" offer.  4-6 weeks later I got a scratch and sniff postcard!  I would get a better deal driving to the mall and spraying the sample perfume on me!

The Taylor Swift perfume is on the far right.

A deal I would suggest for those in Chicago where there are Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins places everywhere is signing up for the "birthday club" on the Baskin Robbins website.  They email you a buy on get one free coupon at the beginning of every month and a freebie coupon on your bday month.  You can get two legit cones for $2.49.

Another free sample I would suggest is Nescafe Memento instant coffee samples.  Sign up here.  They are fun, pretty tasty, and you're actually saving some money.  You can see the little cardboard packet it comes in in the photo above.

I've gotten lotion, tea, coffee, laundry detergent, a really weird candy bar, diapers, fish oil pills, a giant bottle of Glade air freshener, chocolate, and a photo collage.  The weird candy I got is called "Big Hunk" and I naively assumed it would be a delicious chocolate bar.  Instead it was a like a weird chewy caramel Air Head (do you know what candy I'm taking about) with nuts in it.  I ate it anyway.  Free tastes so good!

So this pretty much has nothing to do with medical illustration.  I was hoping extreme couponing would help me save money as a grad student but it instead has just become an amusing story.  And I get a lot of weird mail, which can be fun.  Maybe someday I'll truly live the dream and get my groceries for free.  For now, I'll just get tiny packets of face wash and lotion in the mail and laugh about it.

Other weird free stuff I've gotten.

This stuff was actually good!

Check out the awesome free diapers, just in case there is ever a baby in need around me.

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